Cosmic Jesters

In realms where cosmic whispers play,
Beneath the moon's enchanting sway,
A painting hangs, its colors gleam,
A portal to a mystic dream.

"Come closer," whispers in the air,
But heed this warning if you dare,
For Cosmic Jesters dance in sight,
Revealing secrets of the night.

I am the magician, the conjuror bold,
In shadows deep, my tales unfold.
With gestures grand, my power thrives,
Where most plants falter, my spirit thrives.

No tools or props, my magic's true,
From depths within, my spells ensue.
For good I wield this ancient art,
Benevolent, from soul to heart.

I hold within all that I need,
To manifest and plant the seed,
Of dreams that sprout and stars align,
In cosmic dance, where destinies entwine.

Connected to the universe's flow,
Infinite secrets, I come to know.
Nature's magic, within me lies,
As One Infinite Creator, I rise.

"I am that, I am," the mantra clear,
In trust, the universe draws near.
Eternal mysteries, they unfold,
In whispers ancient, stories untold.

So if you seek the cosmic key,
To unlock truths and set them free,
Embrace the Jesters, heed the call,
And journey deep, where spirits sprawl.

For in this painting, secrets soar,
For those who seek, forevermore.
In every brushstroke, truth abides,
In Cosmic Jesters, the universe resides.

Thank you, whispers of the night,
For guiding souls to cosmic light.
🤍 Jameela

Painting titled Cosmic Jesters by Jameela
Cosmic Jesters ☆ Art of Jameela


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