Twilight's Guardian

In twilight's realm where magic thrives,

Beneath enchanted, starlit skies,

I stand as guardian, strong and bold,

With divine guidance, my path unfolds.

Through forests deep and shadows cast,

I am shielded from the evils amassed.

The watchful eye may glare and pry,

Yet I am guarded and free to fly.

With each word that rhymes, my power grows,

In the twilight's embrace, my spirit glows.

Twilight's guardian, in the realm of night,

Divinely guided, by celestial light.

So let the evil eye retreat,

Its power wanes in my heart's beat.

With faith in higher realms above,

I'm wrapped in blessings, boundless love.

In Twilight's realm, I stand tall,

Divine protection, my sacred call.

Guided by stars, in their dance divine,

I am Twilight's Guardian, forever mine.

🤍 Jameela

Acrylic painting titled Twilight's Guardian by Jameela
Twilight's Guardian | Art of Jameela


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