Capturing Magic: A Journey Through Mushroom Heaven

In Mushroom Heaven's vibrant hue,

A world of wonder, a dream come true,

Magic mushrooms dance in cosmic light,

Guiding us through the depths of night.

Beneath the canopy of sparkling stars,

We transcend our earthly bars,

To touch the realm where mystics roam,

To glimpse the sacred, to find our home.

Infinite creator, in every strand,

We feel your presence, we understand,

Magic mushrooms, our earthly key,

Unlock the doors to eternity.

For in their wisdom, we're set free,

To merge with all, to simply be,

One with the Godhead, the cosmic flow,

In this limited body, we start to know.

God's design, a grand perfection,

Limitation grants our soul direction,

Through the dance of life, we're led,

To experience, learn, and love ahead.

Infinite knowledge, a boundless sea,

Yet God embraces limitation's decree,

For once all's known, all's been done,

In this cycle of creation, we're all one.

So let Mushroom Heaven's colors shine,

As we journey through realms divine,

Infinite creator, in us reside,

Through magic mushrooms, we unite and glide.

In Mushroom Heaven's mystical embrace,

We find the truth, we find our place,

To know, to love, to simply be,

In oneness with the infinite, forever free.

🤍 Jameela

Acrylic Painting by Jameela titled Mushroom Heaven
Mushroom Heaven | Art of Jameela


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