Spirit of the Leopard ☆ Art of Jameela

The origin of the name leopard came from the Greek word Leopardus which is a combination of leon meaning lion and pardus meaning panther.

Leopards are solitary creatures that only spend time with others when they're mating or raising young. They're also nocturnal and spend their nights hunting instead of sleeping.

Leopards have remarkable senses. They have incredible hearing and vision. They can actually hear five times the recognition of sounds in comparison to humans.

Leopards are fierce, ferocious, and fast. They can run up to 58 kilometers per hour. They can leap really, really far. Leopards can actually leap six meters through the air, which is pretty impressive, and snow leopards can leap up to 50 feet. That's like a superpower in my opinion. In fact, there are African Natives that believe that leopards possess special powers. They believe leopards are the guardians of the dead who escort souls into the next realm to find their resting place. Ancient Egyptians regarded leopards as a sign of divinity. It was believed that if one was to encounter a leopard their path was considered holy. The leopard spirit animal is fearless, intuitive, and symbolizes courage, freedom, power, and confidence. The spirit of the leopard is associated with a sublime knowingness. The leopard spirit animal is also symbolic of patience and persistence in regards to attaining goals. Leopards plan ahead so that they can easily change directions if they need to. This persistent attitude when achieving goals reminds us that through focused intention anything can be achieved. The climb may be rocky and challenging, but leopards trust in their abilities, and can overcome these challenges gracefully. The leopard spirit animal is also the healer of wounds. The leopard spirit guide often comes after tremendous suffering, and the spirit of the leopard serves as a healer.

Leopard will help you take back your power and reclaim whatever was lost during the time of the wound. There's also a symbol of renewal that comes through the leopard totem animal. I personally believe that all animals offer unique beauty and spiritual symbolism, and if we look deeply we can always find something that we can extract from any encounter that we have with any animals that cross our paths, whether in the physical realm or non-physical realm, even in the dream world. So pay attention to your dreams. Pay attention to animals that may come to you in a dream or that you may interact with in a dream and pay attention to the animals that surround you in your daily life because these animals are powerful spirits that were created by the infinite creator to bring forth messages, and I truly believe that. So if you look deeply, you will find guides in all that surrounds you.


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