Spiritual Symbolism of Parrots ☆ Scarlet Mystical Macaw ☆ Art of Jameela

Of all the creatures on planet earth, only humans and birds can produce human language. Of the few birds that can imitate human speech, parrots are clearly the best at it. Throughout history, macaw parrots had immense symbolic value in addition to being considered desirable luxury goods. Spiritually they represented sun gods in both Maya and Aztec culture. The Maya regarded the macaw as a symbol of fire and solar energy. So the macaw was a symbol of renewal just as the element of fire is symbolic of rebirth and renewal. The Maya believed deeply in the cyclical nature of life. They believed that nothing was ever born and nothing ever died. The Hopi see the parrot as a directional guardian associated with the south. Some pueblo tribes considered parrots to be a symbol of fertility in summertime. Macaw feathers were often used as adornment and found at both ceremonial and burial sites among various Native American tribes. These feathers were symbolic of honor, strength, trust, wisdom, power, freedom, and much more. Early Native Americans imported exotic parrots for trade. In fact, scarlet macaws were bred for trade for more than two millennia. Indigenous peoples in Mesoamerica traded macaws and their feathers in rituals for more than a thousand years. Macaws were traded north into what is now the southwestern United States in exchange for turquoise. Scarlet macaws are known markers of social and political status among the Pueblos. Many of the tribes of central and South America believe the macaw brings healing through color and light. The macaw is a sacred power animal for the Inga tribe of Putamayo, Colombia. It represents grace and ease. It is the guardian and protector of the air element and of the wings carrying prayers to the heavens. The Bororo tribe of Brazil considers the macaw a messenger of the Gods and ancestors. 

Parrots as spirit animals symbolize communication and the power of words. They also symbolize playfulness, joy, happiness, and intelligent thought. The parrot also symbolizes opportunities. The message of the parrot spirit animal is that you deserve the best life, and that opportunities exist around you in places where you might not be looking. Seeing things from new vantage points will allow you to find new opportunities. It is no wonder to me that these beautiful, intelligent birds have been regarded as powerful spirit animals, symbols of magic, and messengers to the Gods, among many other things across many cultures throughout history.

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