Apple Live Text Errors | Artificial Intelligence Making Mistakes? | This Is Not Legal!

Hello lovely people! I recently started using the iPad Pro & Apple Pencil, and I realized that Apple Live Text cannot read my name in cursive. The Live Text tool is incorrectly identifying my name, Jameela as Dameela, Vameela, Camela, and so on, resulting in the image lookup information for incorrect names. Their new Live Text tool, utilizing Artificial Intelligence, is supposed to be able to read text in images, but apparently it cannot get everything right. Unfortunately, the Apple Live Text Tool is linking my art to websites of the incorrect names that the tool is reading. I actually heard back from Apple after I created this video, and I was told that A.I. will eventually get smarter, and correct itself. In the meantime, there is no solution!?! That is unacceptable. Let me know your thoughts on this in the comment section. Thank you to everyone for watching, subscribing, and commenting! Canvas prints of most of my paintings and many other products with my artwork are available on my sites listed below. Have a magical day! God bless you!


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