Dear Tia, 

Thank you for contacting me with excellent questions!


1. What ways can I improve on to become an artist? 

2. What things do I do in sketching to make my sketches look better?

3. How did you become an artist?

4. Why is art important to you?

5. How do you show emotion through your art?


1. Practice is the best way to improve. Continuous practice always leads to improvement.

2. Dedicate a specific sketchbook to a subject or theme that you are inspired by, and try sketching in several mediums.

3. From childhood, I was passionate about creating art, and I knew it was my soul purpose.

4. Art is important to me for many reasons. Humans evolved to be moved and collectively influenced by art. Art is a powerful way to connect the artist and the viewer to a spiritual network or collective consciousness.

5. When a work of art is created from the heart with passion, it will always evoke some type of emotion from the viewer. I create my art with passion, not necessarily to show emotion, but rather to evoke emotion. 

Thank you to April Cagle M.Ed for sending me Tia Patel's questions!

Kind regards,

Visionary Artist

Artwork by Jameela


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