The thoughts we think and the words we speak are shaping the reality that we experience. When we think uplifting thoughts, the negative thoughts begin to disappear. Every positive thought we think is like planting a seed, allowing the flowers of our soul to grow and bloom. We are now on a beautiful pathway of joy and growth, leading to abundance of all kinds. Through gratitude and forgiveness I expand my awareness and experience any needed healing. I release my fears and have faith and trust in the universe. I allow love to cleanse my mind, body, and spirit. I am safe. Only good comes my way. I am at peace in my world. I trust the process of life. I trust the rhythm and flow of life. As I change my thinking, my life also changes. In this moment I can go on a journey within. I can create beautiful worlds within me. All is well in any world that I create.

Spiritual Art by Visionary Artist, Jameela
Inner Worlds | Art of Jameela


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