Mirrors of Spirit

By Jameela

Painting titled Spirit by Jameela
Spirit ☆ Art of Jameela

      Spirit is omnipresent. Spirit encompasses all elements. Qualities of spirit are expressed through art, music, dance, writing, religion, and any loving form of creative expression. Sacred mirrors of spirit are reflected through our experiences.

      Our life experiences act as teachers that hold mirrors up to us, so that we can learn from them. If we are willing to look into the mirrors that life presents to us, we will learn valuable lessons. Every aspect of life provides mirrors for us. Refusal to look at them will often cause similar situations to continue to repeat throughout life, until the lessons are learned. 

        A seemingly difficult situation or perceived obstacle will always provide an opportunity for growth and healing. By the grace of God, the Universe will always provide us with what we need at the right time. There are limitless opportunities and experiences in life to learn from. Have faith and trust in the Universe that all things are in perfect alignment with divine order.


  1. Very true. Thank you for these powerful insights and for sharing your beautiful, inspiring painting with the world.

    1. Thank you Sarah! I'm happy to hear that this was inspiring to you.


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